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Find the cheapest tickets to your dream destination within a click in France and Europe. It's now possible!

Rootze compares you all the trips back and forth that are in your budget. It's up to you to combine the mean of transportation according to your preferences.Leave by train and return by plane ? It's maybe cheaper and you will know it in 3 clicks thanks to our comparator.

Travel all over Europe for peanuts

Out of inspiration ? Rootze offers you a list of destination that you can do ! You just have to provide Rootze your budget, dates, and your departure city. Doubt it ?

Try one of the proposed cities here below:

Traveling with your budget has never been easier
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Rootze is 100% FREE

We receive a commission from our partners if you purchase your tickets on our website. Our comparator remains 100% Free of charges for you.

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Rootze inspires you

Within 3 clicks find out with our comparator all the destination you can do with your budget, departure city and your dates.

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Rootze is smart

You will know in 2 seconds which are the mean of transportation option you can book with your budget for the destination that you choose. It's easy peasy!

Where to go next :

Plan your perfect trip by selecting one of our proposals

Rootze is the comparator that saves you time and money ! If you also experienced the hard work of searching during long hours the best deal to go somewhere, then you found the comparator of your dream. Rootze will compare you within 3 clicks all the bus, train, plane and carpooling tickets that enter your budget. No need anymore to search on 10 differents websites ! It's up to you to combine the mean of transportation according to your preferences. Leave by train and return by plane ? It's possible and maybe cheaper. Better, if you do not know where to go with your budget Rootze will tell you all the possible destinations.
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